A Passion for Tractors

“If you have no passion in your life, what is the point of carrying on?” (said somebody besides me)


The older we get the more we realize just how short life is and how quickly it goes by. We start out thinking that there will be time to do everything only to realize that this is simply not the case. It is so easy to get caught up in the everyday stuff; work, family, community and if you don’t take the time to explore your passions, you discover very soon that you are living for others with no time to live for yourself. Yes all those other things are important and have their place, however once you take the time to discover and put time into your own passion, you find that the rest becomes much more fun and flows much easier.

Well, yesterday I had the opportunity to see and experience the passion of someone else. I did not yet get a chance to meet him in person, however the love for his collection speaks volumes about who he is and how he lives life.

Karl collects tractors. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to photograph them yesterday. I have a passion for rusted mechanical things. Don’t really know why other than the textures and the architecture of things made by the designs of humanity altered by nature creates an interesting and rich photographic experience. So I had a wonderful time exploring the richness of the many 1940’s era tractors collected in this one location. Here are the images I love. They are not encyclopedic  but rich, colorful and full of history and memories from the past. Thank you Karl for letting me enjoy your passion and to Monika for giving me the tour!

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